Yipeng Lantern Festival

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19 - 20 November 2021 Event is Cancelled

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About Yipeng Festival

Yipeng Lantern Festival, also called Yee Peng is originated from the Lanna culture in Northern Thailand.  Yi Peng means “the second full moon” of Lanna’s calendar month, is a religious event where various types of lanterns is put up in front of the house to show devotion to the Buddha, including the sky lanterns to worship the deities in the high heaven.


The highlight of the Yipeng festival is the sky lanterns. It is believed that lanterns will carry away all the unfortunate things making ways for good luck and a bright future. During the Yipeng Festival, candles are lit throughout the inner city of Chiang Mai creating a warm and charming atmosphere.

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The Three Lights of Yipeng

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Sky Lanterns

The Sky Lanterns or Khomloy is the signature of the Yipeng Festival commonly believed to carry away bad lucks. It is also a means to pay respect to the ancestors who rest in heaven.

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The Local believe floating Krathong is to show gratefulness to the Goddess of Water. There is also a romantic saying that if a couple's Krathongs floats side by side, it symbolize forever love.

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Phang Pratheep

During the night of Loy Krathong, Chiang Mai will be decorated with thousands of candles in the small clay pots. It is said to bring wisdom and act as a guiding light in our life

Available Tickets

Spectacular Cultural Shows & Performance

Get an immersive cultural experience at the CAD Yipeng Khomloy Sky Lantern Festival. This includes various cultural shows such as the fire-show, traditional northern Thailand dance, and Orchestra. 

There are also mini-shows from the local hill tribe villages from the mountain in Chiang Mai such as the Hmong, Karen and the Akha people.

Chiang Mai Yipeng Lantern Festival by CAD Thai Traditional Fire Dance Show
Chiang Mai Yipeng Lantern Festival by CAD Thai Traditional Dance Show
Chiang Mai Yi Peng Khomloy Lantern Festival Traditional Food
Chiang Mai Yi Peng Khomloy Lantern Festival Traditional Food

Taste the Local Cuisine from around Thailand

While exploring the culture of the northern Lanna people, get a taste of local delicacy from all over Thailand. You will find a wide variety of local fruits, snacks, and drinks.

Furthermore, most of the menus are cooked on spot! Enjoy the cooking demonstration and try the freshly cooked food with no limits.

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Experience A Truly Extraordinary Moment

Enjoy the show at the grand stage and mass lantern releases, We take our pride in the greatest moment from the beginning of the countdown to when the lanterns slowly lift into the sky. It is the moment that will take your breath away.

Floating Lantern at Chiang Mai Yi Peng Khomloy Lantern Festival by CAD
Floating Lantern at Chiang Mai Yi Peng Khomloy Lantern Festival by CAD
Floating Lantern at Chiang Mai Yi Peng Khomloy Lantern Festival by CAD
Floating Lantern at Chiang Mai Yi Peng Khomloy Lantern Festival by CAD
CAD Yipeng Lantern Festival 2020


Join thousands of people

Participate in the mass-lantern release event with us in Chiang Mai with over 3,500 people. Get together and share this memorable moment that will be embedded in everyone’s heart. Light up the sky with your wishes opening the path to a brighter future. The opportunity is here, and the decision is yours. See you at the event!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Yipeng Lantern Festival is 19-20 November 2021

Yi Peng Festival or Loi Krathong Festival is a religious festival which is celebrated nation wide. You are free to float your Krathong or release the sky lanterns in publicly arranged locations.


However, exclusive events held by independent organizations such as the CAD Yipeng Khomloy Sky Lantern Festival are not free, and required paid entrance ticket. 

Yes. There are several mass lantern release events held by other organizer. 

According to last year (2020) policies, it is not possible to floating the sky lanterns in the city anymore.

After payment, you ticket URL will be sent to you within 12 hours. If you have not received your ticket within the period, please contact us.

Of course, you can travel to the venue by yourself. The location is about 30 minutes drive from Chiang Mai. We also provide free parking!

Yipeng Lantern Festival organizers set their own refund policies. Please carefully read the terms and conditions on the event page before contacting us for refund.


CAD Yipeng Khomloy Sky Lantern Festival 2021 - All purchases are final and strictly non-refundable.

Year 2021 Event Cancelled

Unfortunately we are not able to proceed with the event this year due to the restrictions regarding COVID-19. For customers who have purchase the tickets, please reach out to the support team to find the best solution.