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CAD Yipeng Lantern Festival 2020

Several News Channel report the CAD Yipeng Lantern Festival 2020

Needless to say that the CAD Eco-Friendly Khomloy Sky Lantern Festival 2020 has been a success. Although the number of people who attended the event was a quarter of the previous years, the event did not lose its charms.

Over 1,500 guests release the lanterns together, an enchanting moment that one could hardly forget. Thanks to our invited media channels, now the footage of the extraordinary moment is shared throughout the world by many news channels.

Featured on WION, a channel with 1.8 million subscriber
Featured on AFP News Agency
Featured on South China Morning Post

We thank you wholeheartedly for those who came and participate with us in 2020. Amid all the crisis we are facing, let us pray and wishes for all of it to go away as we release the lanterns into the sky.

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